the reverse darkroom


CLICK TO WATCH: Variations  (9 mins)
Made on the Essayistic workshop
A fish caught in a photograph struggles to make its way home.


The action of ‘unfastening’ suggests a liberation of something. It is made with the understanding that the images we put into the world, and those that enter us, are unstable and shapeshifting according to the meanings we ascribe to them. It is active position that takes into consideration the desire before we push the button, the layers that sediment after it, and the shifting relations that surround the outcome. Unfastening breaks the habit, and breaks the surface.

“You push the button, we do the rest”

- George Eastman  


Thinking about my physicality and the image-material as in-flux, have become important starting points for me when I intervene into the image. Appropriating many different analogue and digital tools on my own terms, I see each step as an ‘encounter’ with the object in question, a chance to get closer, to touch and hear more of its possibilities: a SPACE to explore and inhabit. In simple terms, sound and movement. In another sense, the layers of different sounds, movements and relations that are contained in one thing. Moving in-between the thing itself and its various representations, each one becomes a fragment that can start a process of association.

“A masochist that wants to make sculptures”

- Albert Elings, workshop leader of Thinking Through Making


Still from Still Life by Harun Farocki

George Baker, Photography Expanded

Kensuke Koike installation

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