the reverse darkroom


CLICK TO WATCH: Friday Night (9 mins)
(made in Thinking through Making workshop)
A fever dream featuring Love Streams by John Cassavetes and the January flu.

Still from Love Streams


A gesture…for what? Where to start and where to stop? Once something has been opened up, what happens next? What to do with these shattered fragments? For Variations, the act found a resolution in itself, like my preferred form of writing: the essay. But in order to steer forward and not get contained in a self-reflexive loop, perhaps seeing the act of unfastening as a starting point to build out of these fragments is more useful. Slowing down and integrating observation: a process of fermentation.

Joan Fontcuberta, Gastrópoda


When focusing on the way an image exists in many different forms, scales of interpretation could come into play as markers for the process. Zooming in, abstraction is a means shaking us of our certainties, but zooming out and reconnecting to the bigger picture is important too. Thinking about a more ‘vertical’ form of montage rather than ‘horizontal’, where each image penetrates and reveal the next – gaps, ruptures of meaning and a mingling of different immaterial images of the mind included – could be an approach.

Joan Fontcuberta, Gastrópoda

Jorge Luis Borges,  Celestial Emporium of Benevolent Knowledge 

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